Jak 2 trophies

jak 2 trophies

This video shows you how to turn the Jak Trilogy's second game into an easy platinum! Im doing a glitch that. Jak and Daxter TPL(ironically not in this video) is my favorite game of all time and in honor of the Jak. Jak II is the second instalment of the Jak and Daxter franchise and This is the platinum trophy ; it is received after all other trophies are earned. Jak 2 Secrets glitch. In order to learn some of Haven's secrets, you must find three artifacts up in the Mountain Temple. Just the Artifacts Ma'am. You'll face some easy enemies here, namely Goobers and Snorkle Tooths. Complete " Protect Sig at the pumping station ". Julienf01 1 day ago.

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Jak 3 - Precursor Orb / Platinum Trophy Guide Diese Trophäe ist verpassbar, da sieben Orbs im Metallschädel-Nest nur vor dem Besiegen des Endgegners eingesammelt werden können. After Crab-Head 2, drop down into the water on the right, by the two Juice Goons. Gute Miene zum bösen Baron. Die Reihenfolge spielt dabei keine Rolle. Die Schädelsteine muss man nicht auf einmal besitzen, auch bereits eingetauschte Steine zählen für die Trophäe. When on ground, hop out of the suit, use a Rolling Turbo Jump to get across, then take out the Grunts, followed by hitting the bridge switch. Pushing up against walls can press Jak against it, which can cause some guards chasing him to run right past if done correctly.

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Escort Men Through Sewers 6. Orb 9, 10, 11, 12, Ride on across to save Vin and nab a trophy. When hit, they retaliate with a fierce tonuge-lash. After Sig blows the tank sky high, drop down into the water on the right. They often have an audio cue for you to know when to move out of the way, and will fire double bursts of gunfire. Try to perform different moves so you don't earn less points than you should. Zerstöre die Ausrüstung an der Ausgrabungsstätte. Erhält man automatisch nach Erhalt aller Trophäen ohne DLCs. Signature Moves Protect Sig at Pumping Station. Snorkle Tooths are cat-like things that walk on all fours. Erhält man automatisch im Spielverlauf, wenn man alle gelb-grauen Höllen-Kreuzer zerstört hat. When first learning the rolling jump, don't cross the gap, fall in. jak 2 trophies

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On the west side of the area. When all 24 supports are disconnected the trophy will be yours. These guys can emit electricity off their sides to harm prey. Toggle Spoiler Here is a list of all the four powers you can unlock from the Oracle in the order the Oracle will give them: Complete " Destroy turrets in sewers ". Destroy Drill Platform Tower. Just outside Switch 1, guarded by the Slinger. Head Cheese Collect Metal Head Skull Gems. It might be useful for taking out far-away enemies that can hurt the Suit. Beginner's Guide to Wikis Wiki Support Team. Pull out the Vulcan Fury to defeat the Slinger ahead, then use the next wheel to get across. Tons of rocks spilling down from the mountain, cascading on top of the heroes! Take it out with a Blaster round and move on. By the Cube puzzle from before, in between the platform the Ram-Head was on and the main area. Beginner's Guide to Wikis Wiki Support Team. When hit, they retaliate with a fierce tonuge-lash. Tagebauer "Rette Vin im Tagebau. It's possible you'll just bump into this one. The whole place is gonna blow in 1: VenomHunter0 3 days ago.

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